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About us

CKTAB manufactures and markets since 1996 small scale hydropower turbines from 5 kW and upwards, head from 1 meter to almost 30 meters. Our business is to combine proven Swedish hydropower experience and knowledge with modern technology. The result is new solutions for low head situations. Trough combining old traditions with new manufacturing technology while respecting nature´s given laws, we create new opportunities. More than 130 turbines delivered since 1996.

CKTABs hydropower turbines of semi kaplan type can often increase the annual production, reduce service costs and maximize the return of an investment. But it's all about confidence, knowledge, cooperation and common intention. The ultimate responsable are the hydropower station owner and engineer in charge of the daily operation and maintenance that generates output. CKTAB says, not just a gift from above, rather a question of courage, strength and endurance in which none of us in control of the weather.

CKTABs technology can be found in Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Ireland, Great Britain, Scotland, Latvia, Estonia, India and Greenland.

Our specialist area is semi kaplan turbines.

  • Our expertise covers design to commissioning.
  • Specialists considering semi kaplan.
  • In addition, we also work with turgosolutions and also double regulated kaplan.
  • Hydropower turbines 5-4000kW
  • Semi kaplan turbines runner diameter 235-1300 mm
  • Low head
  • Control and governing systems
  • Repair and maintenance
  • Consulting

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