EnvironmentSmall scale hydropower is the art and science of capturing energy generated from falling water. The basic requirement are a dam and head. There is quite a lot of them around; mills, sawmills and hammer forges where earlier generations worked really hard.

Cargo & Kraft Turbin Sverige AB, CKTAB, believes it is poor resource managment not to take advantage of the opportunities that exist in regulated rivers where dams have existed for hundreds of years.

CKTAB aims for consensus – we are convinced that a respect for history, a respect for the environment and green energy production can be combined. We manufacture hydropower turbines that minimise the footprint in the environment. We can with modern technology have both more and safer production. CKTABs semi kaplan hydropower turbines are lubricated by water, no oil, no emissions. The water is at most a little more oxygenated after having gone through a semi kaplan turbine.

According to a so-called ”emergi”analysis where manufacturing cost is calculated using a solar joule matrix, a hydropower turbine is the most profitable energy producer – seen from nature's perspective. A hydropower turbine return energy – more than it´s manufacturing expence. The same shall apply to the real economic initiative.

CKTAB work with respect for aquatic life, waterways and all who have an interest in water. ”Run of the river” is standard and we encourage cooperation on fauna passages.

Cargo & Kraft Turbin Sverige AB, CKTAB, manufactures in Sweden with Swedish material in certified environments. We are actively working to minimise the environmental footprint by reducing, reusing and recycling wherever possible. One way to do this is by owning our own hydropower station – the place where it all begun!

Our turbines are easy to maintain, no "over-engineering" solutions. Supervising and control is handled via SMS and modem – all to facilitate and reduce travel and costs.

CKTABs ambition is that each facility becomes profitable for the owner within reasonable time. It should be easy to install, easy to operate and easy to own a small scale hydropwer turbine from Cargo & Kraft Turbin Sverige AB.

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