Drawings and Manufacturing



When constructing, Cargo & Kraft Turbin Sverige AB, CKTAB, looks on traditional, evaluated hydropower technology, brings our own solutions and combines with modern materials and production technology. We design i Solid Works, 3D and Flow Simulation. We make drawings of stations in Vector Works.


Semi kaplan hydropower turbines from CKTAB are found in operation in more than 130 stations, our full Kaplan at a couple of stations. We also have a couple of big turgo running. The small turgos are found around the world, particularly in India and Latin America.

Main advantages

  • Easy to install, easy to manage and easy to own.
  • Proven technology.
  • Quality in manufacturing and materials.



Cargo & Kraft Turbin Sverige AB, CKTAB, are pioneers in developing small scale hydropower for low head. CKTAB has taken the development of the semi kaplan hydropower turbine to new standards, streamlined production and developing financial solutions for small-scale energy production. CKTABs hydropower turbines are standardized in its technology and design, but each turbine is adapted to a specific station. And its all about small scale hydropower.

CKTABs hydropower turbines and associated systems are designed and built in quality assured environment in Sweden.

Our office is located in our manufacturing workshop in Västerås.

Phone: 021-180 700 | Address: Kedjebohammar, 739 92 Skinnskatteberg, Sverige
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