Evaluation and analysis




Cargo & Kraft Turbin Sverige AB, CKTAB, has expertise in design, construction, project management, construction, delivery and installation including commissioning and training for small scale hydropower.

CKTAB offer

  • Economic feasability analysis
  • Duration analysis
  • Project management
  • Service and Maintenance
  • Spare parts

CKTAB may deliver everything from a single hydropower turbine to a full turn-key station and provide control systems, generators, bearings, belt drives and more. In addition to our own knowledge, we service quotes related to small hydropower production – all to get the most reliable solution possible.



AnalysisCargo & Kraft Turbin Sverige AB, CKTAB, uses its own analytical software tool, "HESA", to study the potential of your site. Built and developed in-house it is unique to  hydropower production. With knowledge of the head, flow and investment capabilities provided by you, we are able to accurately identify the opportunity presented by your site and how it may best be captured.

Our "HESA" is an instrument we use to assess the proposed renovation of an existing site and determine whether an existing project will be economically justifiable in the future. It is useful everywhere and may be used to evaluate any station or head. CKTAB charges according to agreement – if we are not contracted to deliver.

The "HESA" report will give an accurate idea of the return on investment but can never be a guarantee of financial performance or production. To CKTAB the report is also used to determine financial security in a project.

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