Water Turbines

TurbinesCargo & Turbin Sverige AB, CKTAB, has unique knowledge in hydroturbines for low head. Since 1996, we have helped more than 125 powerplant owners with low head. We have developed our turbines, solutions and systems to be cost effective combined with high production capacity. Unique to CKTAB turbines is that they are designed for low head, they are not scaled-down large turbines.

CKTAB has also built and delivered for stations with double regulated kaplan turbines. Fosstveit in Norway is an example of a CKTAB 1650TK (True Kaplan). CKTAB focus remains on the small-scale hydropower, low head.

tabell-litenIn adjacent table (click to enlarge), we show very simplified mathematics – you get an indication of the possibilities for your station. Do not hesitate to contact CKTAB when you have knowledge of the flow, head and current situation, we can then proceed with a "HESA". Please contact us by mail and enclose photos if possible. See under "Contact" for address etc. Note; in the chart, possible production is mostly underestimated - to high expectations or impossible dreams are not best starting point for a future cooperation!

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